東村山に夏がやってきた!2023年八坂神社例大祭 夏の熱情が炸裂!




開催日: 2023年07月16日(土) 2023年07月17日(日)



東村山 八坂神社 HP(外部リンク)

東村山 八坂神社 (higasimurayama-yasakajinja.jp)


「八坂神社例大祭り」2022年7月18日開催されました – OIDEYO!東村山 (oideyo-higashimurayama.com)

“Summer has arrived in Higashimurayama! The 2023 Yasaka Shrine Grand Festival is here!

On July 16th (Saturday) and 17th (Tuesday), the grand festival of Yasaka Shrine, located in Higashimurayama City, was held. The festival began with the ‘Yoiya’ evening ceremony, as the divine palanquin departed from Shofukuji Temple in the city, heading towards Yasaka Shrine. The majestic palanquin, accompanied by large taiko drums and ornate floats, paraded through the streets of the city. The next day was the main festival, where sacred rituals were conducted, praying for the prosperity of the nation, the well-being of the people, and world peace. In the afternoon, the divine palanquin returned from Yasaka Shrine to Shofukuji Temple. The procession route was adorned with enthusiastic participants and spectators. Inside the Yasaka Shrine precincts, a variety of food stalls added to the festival’s charm.

The festival played a crucial role in regional revitalization and activating the community. Preserving and cherishing these traditional cultural events is vital for fostering a sense of identity and pride among the local residents. Moreover, the festival fosters interaction and communication within the community, strengthening its unity. By embracing traditional culture, the region can contribute to its sustainable development and prosperity. Visitors from outside the area are encouraged to join the festival in Higashimurayama, experience Japan’s rich cultural heritage, and enjoy engaging with the local community! OIDEYO Festival!

For more information about the Yasaka Shrine and the festival, visit the official website (external link) at Higashimurayama Yasaka Shrine (higasimurayama-yasakajinja.jp).

Here’s a glimpse of last year’s festival held on July 18, 2022: “The Yasaka Shrine Grand Festival” was held on July 18, 2022 – OIDEYO! Higashimurayama (oideyo-higashimurayama.com)”