(事務局長 長島 功)の使命とビジョンである。未来を見据え、テクノロジーの力を通じて地域社会を発展させる試みに注目が集まる。特に、東村山市はSDGs未来都市の実現に向けた取り組みを積極的に展開しており、今後、LIVINGTECH協会との連携によるスマートホームの普及も視野に入れている。



名称:一般社団法人LIVING TECH協会

所在地:東京都港区南青山5丁目‐4‐35 たつむら青山ビル



Special Feature: Pursuing SDGs Together

Tokyo, Japan – July 2023

The captivating fusion of technology and urban transformation takes center stage as we delve into a remarkable partnership between the city of Higashimurayama and the pioneering LIVINGTECH Association. With a fervent commitment to enriching lives through technology, the LIVINGTECH Association is embarking on an innovative journey as a vanguard in Higashimurayama’s path towards becoming an SDGs Future City. Leveraging their expert knowledge, the association aims to spearhead a smarter and more livable cityscape, propelling regional development to new heights.

“LIVINGTECH’s vision: Enriching lives with technology,” was the clarion call in their establishment back in 2020. In pursuit of unveiling their noble mission, we engaged in an insightful interview to unravel the essence of their purpose. The outcome was resonating: our company found common ground with their mission, culminating in our proud membership registration.

At the heart of this narrative is the very essence of LIVINGTECH’s mission and vision. Their resolute gaze into the future, using technology as a catalyst, resonates strongly as we explore initiatives that foster social evolution. Notably, Higashimurayama City is zealously advancing its efforts as an SDGs Future City, and this collaboration with LIVINGTECH entails the burgeoning promotion of smart homes as an integral facet.

This endeavor exemplifies a forward-looking perspective, with the promise of profoundly contributing to the betterment of the community’s way of life. Higashimurayama City, positioned as a paragon of leadership within the Tama region, embarks on this transformative journey towards realizing an SDGs Future City. As the city harnesses the prowess of smart technology, every individual’s quality of life stands to be elevated through this audacious stride.

Footage Captured: July 2023 Organization: LIVING TECH Association Location: TATSUMURA Aoyama Building, 5-4-35 Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo Established: April 28, 2020 Official Website: https://www.ltajapan.com/