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特集SDGs 第9回東村山市わたしたちのSDGsオープンラボ活動報告2023年7月13日(木曜)18:00~20:00いきいきプラザ3階 マルチメディアホール







SDGsオープンラボを活用し、市民・事業者全体で楽しく進めるまちづくり – OIDEYO!東村山 (oideyo-higashimurayama.com)

東村山市が「SDGs未来都市」と「自治体SDGsモデル事業」に選定されました – OIDEYO!東村山 (oideyo-higashimurayama.com)

特集SDGs 東村山市SDGsパートナー紹介かわせ歯科医院 – OIDEYO!東村山 (oideyo-higashimurayama.com)

特集SDGs 東村山市SDGsパートナー紹介「久米川幼稚園」特集SDGs 東村山市SDGsパートナー紹介 「東村山緑化組合」 – OIDEYO!東村山 (oideyo-higashimurayama.com)

特集SDGs 東村山市SDGsパートナー紹介 「東村山緑化組合」 – OIDEYO!東村山 (oideyo-higashimurayama.com)

Title: SDGs Special Feature – Report on the 9th Higashimurayama City Our SDGs Open Lab Activity

Date: July 13, 2023 (Thursday), 18:00 – 20:00 Venue: Ikik Plaza 3rd Floor, Multimedia Hall


  • Report on the Selection of “SDGs Future City”
  • Report on SDGs Promotion Efforts within the City

About Our SDGs Open Lab: Our SDGs Open Lab is a platform for open exchange and collaboration among all individuals involved in the city, including government, citizens, businesses, and organizations, with the keyword being SDGs. It aims to achieve a more sustainable and better Higashimurayama by fostering cooperation and partnerships.

While the term “SDGs” might evoke thoughts of a distant global concept for many, it is actually a relevant and vital approach in the context of Higashimurayama City, where depopulation and aging population are progressing. SDGs represent a way of thinking that is essential to realize a sustainable and improved Higashimurayama, and the initiatives related to SDGs are accessible and applicable to everyone.

Through seminars and workshops in this SDGs Open Lab, we will share knowledge about SDGs and local challenges. We will make SDGs a personal matter, considering how government, citizens, businesses, and various organizations can work together, transcending roles and areas of activity, to advance the realization of a better Higashimurayama.

Furthermore, we aim to share new ideas and initiatives generated through interactions in the lab, and to disseminate and expand them widely. Our ultimate goal is to convert these efforts into practical solutions for addressing real challenges within our community.

Let us all take on a leading role and take action as individuals involved in the community to promote SDGs.

Date of Photography: July 13, 2023