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特集SDGs 東村山市SDGsパートナー紹介 「東村山緑化組合」




東村山緑化組合 (higashimurayamagreen.tokyo)

東村山市が「SDGs未来都市」と「自治体SDGsモデル事業」に選定されました – OIDEYO!東村山 (oideyo-higashimurayama.com)
SDGsオープンラボを活用し、市民・事業者全体で楽しく進めるまちづくり – OIDEYO!東村山 (oideyo-higashimurayama.com)

【About Higashimurayama Greenery Cooperative】
The Higashimurayama Greenery Cooperative is an organization with establishments within Higashimurayama City, engaged in the production of trees, flowers, and wild plants, as well as the construction and management of private gardens. We also carry out public greenery projects in accordance with Higashimurayama City’s “Guidelines for the Management of Public Greenery.”
We strive to acquire the latest horticultural knowledge and enhance our landscaping skills, actively engaging in exchanges with other industries. As a cooperative organization consisting of members who have inherited the local culture and love for their hometown in Higashimurayama City, we address environmental issues and promote greenery projects that contribute to town development and the local environment.

【SDGs Initiatives】
In the face of challenges such as global warming, natural disasters, and the spread of infectious diseases, the impact of “greenery” on people has become increasingly significant. The Higashimurayama Greenery Cooperative aims to preserve green spaces and serve all individuals who cherish “greenery.” As members deeply rooted in the local community, inheriting the culture and love for Higashimurayama City, we actively consider environmental issues and promote greenery projects that are compatible with town development and the local environment.
For more information, please visit the Higashimurayama Greenery Cooperative’s website: Higashimurayama Greenery Cooperative (higashimurayamagreen.tokyo)